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1pc Fire Starter Outdoor Hike Survival Camping Tool Kit Survival

  • High quality lightweight anodized aluminum fire-starter great Use for camping, mountain climbing, travel, backpacking, and other great outdoor activities.
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum body very convenient to use.
  • Easy to use and will provide a powerful spark to generate heat.
  • Starting a camp fire is easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Ideal use for camping, mountain climbing, travel, backpacking, etc.

The bar creates extremely hot buming metal shavings and sparks great for starting fires with flammable tinder rain or shine.
this is done by the frictional heat when rapidly scrape material from the rod.
screw the striker and the rod holder of the handle.
Flip the rod holder around and screw on handle.
Grip the striker between forefinger and thumb.
Instead the striker on the bar.
For best results, use about a 45 degree angle.
when the striker is properly angled it will bite into the bar.
In one quick movement, the striker down scrape the bar as if trying to carve material from the rod.

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Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: Total length of 9.7 cm;
size: 9.7 * 1
length of Magnesium Rob: 4 cm
color: black, green, orangePackage Includes:
1 x Flint firestarter
2 x Waterproof rings
1 x Keychain
1 x Parachute Cord

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